Terri Sullivan, Logistics/Dispatch Coordinator

Terri is considered to be a real multi-tasker as she coordinates pickups and deliveries both domestically and intermodally. Terri deals hands on with dispatch functions as well as initiates both driver payroll and the billing process.

Email: tsullivanatlantic@yahoo.com

Elizabeth Messman, Office Secretary

Liz is also usually one of the first voices you will hear.  She handles our container billing department as well as keeping track of the chassis and per diem charges.  Liz is a very helping hand and is a very good multitasker.  Have any container billing questions? Liz is your girl to ask!

Email: ecmessmanatlantic@gmail.com

Angela Perrera, Office Secretary

Angela is right by George's side to help assist with his needs. She always has a smile on her face and is ready and willing to get any job done. 

Email: aperreraatlantic@gmail.com

Megan Frizzell, Office Manager

Megan also wears a variety of hats as she helps assist and manage the accounting department. She is assisting with updating current technology to make the work environment smoother. Megan is very good at attacking problems and finding a solution in a timely manner.  If you have invoicing problems, Megan is there to assist.

Email: MFrizzell1212@outlook.com

Janet Lessner, Co-Owner

Janet wears a variety of hats as she manages the accounting department dealing with both receivables and payables as well as all payroll functions. She also plays a major role in handling renewals pertaining to Insurance and licensing. She is very good at attacking problems as we consider her to be a real people person.

Christopher Lessner, Owner

Chris has been in the transportation field for over twenty plus years. Coming up through the ranks has allowed him the ability to gain precious knowledge and experience in understanding what it takes to be successful in this industry. Much of his time is spent overseeing day to day operations as he believes the only way to stay on top of things is to have a complete understanding of what's taking place. Guiding Atlantic Nationwide in the direction of success is his number one goal.

Email: Chrislessner@yahoo.com

Debbie Moroz, Office Secretary

Debbie is usually the first voice you will hear as she handles the majority of all incoming calls. Debbie's responsibilities include collecting of all drivers paperwork, from bills of lading / delivery receipts to logs and pretrip inspections as this can be a huge task in itself. Assisting in scheduling appointments and playing a substancial role in the billing process. If your account is overdue, Debbie is usually the wonderful and charming voice you will get to hear from as she so nicely reminds you.

Email: Deborah.moroz@yahoo.com

Doris Brown, Office Secretary/Accounts Payable/Receivable

Doris helps assist Janet in conquering all of her obstacles. She keeps a close track of our IFTA  Fuel Taxes and our Company equipment. She always has smile on her face and is always ready to lend a hand in other departments. 

Email: evabrown226@gmail.com

George Getty, Operations Manager

George has over 10 years experience in the management trucking industry.  He is   dedicated to achieving profitability and outstanding customer service. George conveys a professional image of honesty, compassion and concern for our customers needs.

Email:  Bgettyatlantic@gmail.com

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